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Referrals and Services Offered

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Rowan is fellow of the RACS, trained in Otolaryngology, Head and Neck and Thyroid Surgery. He welcomes all referrals for both children and adults.  He offers general ENT services, as well as cancer services for oral cavity, pharyngeal, laryngeal, head and neck and thyroid lesions.  He presents all cancer patients to multi-disciplinary meetings, and works closely with radiation oncologists, pathologists, cancer care nurses and speech pathologists.  Following surgery, he is very keen to work with the patient’s usual specialist general practitioner, to make sure they receive appropriate continuity of care that encompasses their cancer.

Rowan is always happy to take calls to his mobile from health professionals and answer questions or queries you have. If you don’t have his number, please call Leanne at the office and she can provide this to you. If you have a patient who needs to be seen urgently, Rowan keeps emergency spots available at all times. Either you or your staff are able to call Leanne at the practice and ask for an urgent appointment and we will facilitate this for your patient. He endeavours to see all cancer patients within 48 hours.


Unfortunately, Rowan is unable to see WorkCover patients.

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